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Does Your Phone Have A Virus?

Phones are essentially powerful mobile computers that contain vast amounts of valuable personal information. This article looks at how to tell if your phone has a virus, what to do if you think it has, and how to protect your phone.

More Warnings Over Scams Aimed at Zoom, Teams and Meet Users

Almost as soon as the lockdown started, there were reports at the beginning of April by Cybersecurity company ‘Check Point’ that there had been a major increase in new domains registered that included the word ‘Zoom’ and other suspicious characteristics. It was also reported at the time that the official website had been impersonated by and

How Tech is Helping Reduce Lockdown Stress & Mental Health Problems

A state of lockdown has increased our reliance on technology as a way to help us meet our needs, and here are some of the many ways that technology can help us to actually reduce stress and help us look after our mental health in these challenging times.

Is Your Broadband Slowing You Down?

Broadband…we all rely on it nowadays, and business is nearly impossible without it. Having a broadband connection is essential, but is yours up to the job? If you have ever shopped for a good broadband deal for your home, then you would have likely come across ‘business broadband’ packages from various internet service providers, like us here at Tech Service Partner. However, what do these packages involve, how are they any different than a home connection and why should your organisation be diligent about choosing the right solution?